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Tool Steel Shapes


Round Drill Rods

Ground Flat Stock




Tool steel consists of a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are well-suited to be made into tools. Their distinctive hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation, and their ability to hold a cutting edge at elevated temperatures make them extremely suitable for many purposes. Tool steels are often used in the shaping of other materials.

There are six groups of tool steels and the choice of group to select depends on cost, working temperature, required hardness, strength, shock resistance, and toughness requirements.

Tool steels are used for cutting, pressing, extruding, and coining of metals and other materials. Tool steels are frequently used, due to their resistance to abrasion.

Tool Steel Shapes

  • Flats
  • Ground Flat Stock
  • Plate
  • Round Drill Rods
  • Rounds
  • Squares

Diamond Metals carries an extensive inventory of Tool Steel including the following grades:

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  • A2: Multipurpose, air-hardening tool steel with solid toughness and excellent dimensional stability in heat treatment.
  • A10: Air hardening, non-deforming tool steel with outstanding wear-resistance and toughness.
  • D2: Superior abrasion resistance and air-hardening characteristics. The tool and die standard against which other tool steels are measured for abrasion resistance, dimensional stability in hardening and air-hardening characteristics.
  • D3(rounds only): An oil hardening, type tool steel with very high wear resistance. It hardens with a minute change in size. Supreme compressive strength and deep hardening.
  • D7(rounds only): Unexcelled abrasion resisting qualities. Used especially for applications involving extreme abrasive wear. Similar qualities as powder metal 10V wear properties but at less than half the cost.
  • H13: Excellent combination of high toughness and fatigue resistance. Hot-work steel is widely used in hot and cold work tooling applications.
  • L6 (rounds only): Versatile, oil-hardening tool steel with very good toughness. Greater impact strength than other oil-hardening grades.
  • M2: High-speed tool steel, which has high carbon content and good wear-resistance.
  • O1: Good abrasion resistance and abundant toughness for a wide variety of tool and die applications. Standard care in heat treatment provides positive results in hardening and produces small dimensional changes.
  • S5(rounds only): Unique to other oil-hardening tool steels, due to its silicon-manganese content. Reduces to the tendency to distort or crack in heat treatment with high toughness.
  • S7: Shock-resistant tool steel with exceptional toughness and high strength, along with medium wear resistance. S7 has maximum shock resistance and high compression strength, giving it good deformation resistance while retaining good toughness.
  • 4140 Annealed: Possesses medium hardness tendencies and uniformity of hardness and high strength. Excellent wear-resistance and toughness.
  • 4142: Exceptional hardness penetration, and uniformity of hardness and high strength. Good wear resistance and excellent toughness.
  • Vertex(flats only): Versatile, air-hardening tool steel with relatively high attainable hardness. Good resistance to wear from sliding contact with other metals and abrasive materials.
  • 4340 Annealed & H.T.: (rounds above 7”) & H.T. (rounds above 8”)
  • 420 SS: (rounds and flats)
  • 440C SS: Limited flats
  • P20: (rounds and flats)
  • 4150 Annealed & H.T: (rounds above 8”)
  • O6 /Graphmo O6: (rounds only)

Other grades are available upon request. Contact us today for any special request.

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