Pre-Squared Finishing

Diamond Metals is your Preferred Pre-Squared Service

Pre-squared blocks help you to focus on your business by saving time and money in making the cuts yourself. Let Diamond Metal square up your tool steel so that when you receive your order, you can begin your work. Diamond Metals actively make pre-squared blocks. Diamond Metals offers the following Pre-Squared Services:

  • Diamond-Cut 6-Side Pre-Squared Blocks: All surfaces finished .015 to .020 over the dimensions on the bill of materials
  • Standard 6-Side Pre-Squared Blocks: Edges and ends squared to .015 to .020 over the dimensions on the bill of materials
    • Thickness will be standard plate tolerances of .015 to .035 oversize
      • Non-standard thickness can be machined at the customer’s request
    • Special Pre-Squared Blocks: Blocks will be pre-squared to customer’s required tolerances


Diamond Metals, will pre-square all Tool and Powder Steel grades in our stock, including the following common grades:

*Click the links below to access the technical datasheets for each grade.


  • A2: Multipurpose, air-hardening tool steel with solid toughness and excellent dimensional stability in heat treatment.
  • A10: Air hardening, non-deforming tool steel with outstanding wear-resistance and toughness.
  • D2: Superior abrasion resistance and air-hardening characteristics. The tool and die standard against which other tool steels are measured for abrasion resistance, dimensional stability in hardening and air-hardening characteristics.
  • D3: An oil hardening, type tool steel with very high wear resistance. It hardens with a minute change in size. Supreme compressive strength and deep hardening.
  • D7: Unexcelled abrasion resisting qualities. Used especially for applications involving extreme abrasive wear. Similar qualities as powder metal 10V wear properties but at less than half the cost.
  • H13: Excellent combination of high toughness and fatigue resistance. Hot-work steel is widely used in hot and cold work tooling applications.
  • L6: Versatile, oil-hardening tool steel with very good toughness. Greater impact strength than other oil-hardening grades.
  • M2: High-speed tool steel, which has high carbon content and good wear-resistance.
  • O1: Good abrasion resistance and abundant toughness for a wide variety of tool and die applications. Standard care in heat treatment provides positive results in hardening and produces small dimensional changes.
  • S5: Unique to other oil-hardening tool steels, due to its silicon-manganese content. Reduces the tendency to distort or crack in heat treatment with high toughness.
  • S7: Shock-resistant tool steel with exceptional toughness and high strength, along with medium wear resistance. S7 has maximum shock resistance and high compression strength, giving it good deformation resistance while retaining good toughness.
  • 4140 Annealed & H.T.: Possesses medium hardness tendencies and uniformity of hardness and high strength. Excellent wear-resistance and toughness.
  • 4142 Annealed & H.T.: Exceptional hardness penetration, and uniformity of hardness and high strength. Good wear resistance and excellent toughness.
  • Vertex: Versatile, air-hardening tool steel with relatively high attainable hardness. Good resistance to wear from sliding contact with other metals and abrasive materials.
  • CPM 1V: High alloy, medium carbon, tool steel which exhibits elevated toughness and extreme heat resistance. It is suited for hot or cold applications demanding excessive impact toughness and moderate wear-resistance.
  • CPM 3V: Wear-resistant tool steel with high toughness and maximum resistance to breakage and chipping. It offers impact resistance with levels like other shock resistant grades. Used in applications to combat chronic breakage and chipping, but where the wear properties of high alloy steel are required.
  • CPM 4V: Supreme wear-resistant powder metal, with high impact toughness. Used for applications where a combination of strength, wear-resistance, and resilience is required. CPM 4V should be considered for applications, over CPM 3V, when a greater attainable hardness and additional abrasion resistance is needed.
  • CPM REX M4HC: Extremely versatile high-speed powder metal steel that provides a unique combination of extreme wear-resistance with superior impact toughness and transverse bend strength. Strong wear-resistance in cold work punches, die inserts and cutting applications involving high speed and light cuts. Provides optimum hardening response in large cross-section tools or in vacuum or atmosphere heat treating.
  • CPM 9V: Used in tooling that encounters severe wear with high heat resistance and toughness. CPM 9V durability is lower than most of the other hot work tool steels; therefore, not intended for use in applications where the primary failure mode is heat checking or cracking. It may be used at temperatures of up to about 950/1000F, with brief exposures to about 1050/1100F.
  • CPM 10V:  Toughness and strength for cold and warm work tooling applications due to strong, air hardening base analysis with added high carbon and vanadium for exceptionally good wear-resistance. A solid choice to replace carbide and other materials, particularly where tool toughness is a problem or where cost-effectiveness can be demonstrated.
  • CPM REX T15 HS: Extremely high-speed steel that’s cobalt-bearing with a high volume of vanadium carbides that provide very high wear resistance. Provides excellent abrasion resistance, and cobalt for good hardness. Ideal cutting difficult machine material where high frictional heating is encountered.
  • CPM 15V: Intended for applications requiring exceptional wear-resistance. Maximum vanadium, abrasion-resistant powder metal tool steel. Used where CPM 10V is successful, but longer tool life is needed, or sintered carbide tooling is prone to fracture or difficult to fabricate.
  • 4340 Annealed & H.T.: (rounds above 7”) & H.T. (rounds above 8”)
  • 420 SS: (rounds and flats)
  • 440C SS: Limited flats
  • P20: (rounds and flats)
  • 4150 Annealed & H.T: (rounds above 8”)

Diamond Metals offers many pre-squared blocks. If we don’t have a standard cut for you or you don’t see the metal grade you are looking for above, please contact us for a quote today.

STANDARD 6-SIDE Pre-Squared Blocks

  • Edges and ends squared to .015 to .020 over the dimensions on the bill of materials
  • Thickness will be standard plate tolerances of .015 to .035 oversize
  • Non-standard thickness can be machined at the customer’s request

SPECIAL Pre-Squared Blocks

    • Blocks will be pre-squared to customer’s required tolerances


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