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Who We Are And What We Do At A Glance

Diamond Metals periodically publishes a Line Card summarizing our history, product offerings and capabilities.  This is our most recent Line Card.

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Our Capabilities At A Glance

Saw Cutting

We cut all the steel we sell. Plates up to 40” of thickness and rounds up to 30 inches in diameter.

Flame Cutting

Up to 8″ in thickness with CAD capabilities.


Up to 84″ in thickness.


Duplex Milling up to 39″ wide by 39" long.

Pre-Squared Finishing
  • Diamond-Cut 6-Side Pre-Squared Blocks: All surfaces finished .015 to .020 over the dimensions on the bill of materials
  • Standard 6-Side Pre-Squared Blocks: Edges and ends squared to .015 to .020 over the dimensions on the bill of materials
  • Thickness will be standard plate tolerances of .015 to .035 oversize
  • Non-standard thickness can be machined at the customer’s request
  • Special Pre-Squared Blocks: Blocks will be pre-squared to customer’s required tolerances
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Diamond Metals' trucks can deliver to customers in our part of Ohio.

Each block or round ships with a detailed label that incudes PO, Job and Detail Numbers.

With its testing equipment Diamond Metals can deliver Metallurgical Reports where required.