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Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Diamond Metals has become the go-to source for hundreds of customers in the midwest, trans-Atlantic and southeastern states. With highly competitive prices and a service-centric culture, we have gained an outstanding reputation in the industry.

About Diamond Metals and Our Capabilities

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Jim (Wojo) Wojtowicz – Plant Manager

Paul Vento – Inside Sales Manager

Featured Products & Services

Diamond Metals provides value-added services such as production saw-cutting, flame-cutting, pre-squared finishing, and grinding and milling services to tool steels, hot and cold rolled steels, powdered metals, and alloy plates and rounds. Our customers include tool and die shops, mold shops, machine shops, and general metalworking manufacturers.

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Hot Rolled Steel

We have a state of the art flame cutting machine with a PC based control system.

Powdered Metals

Diamond Metals is your Preferred CPM Provider.

Tool Steel

Our tool steel consists of a variety of carbon and alloy steels that can be made into tools.

Pre-Squared Finishing

Pre-squared blocks help you to focus on your business by saving time and money in making the cuts yourself.

Flame Cutting

Diamond Metals’ equipment includes a state-of-the-art flame cutting machine with a PC based control system.

Saw Cutting

Diamond Metals offers a saw cutting service that is both accurate and fast. Our saws are suited for high volume, repeat cuts, and superior reliability.

Grinding & Milling

Diamond Metals offers grinding and milling services that are both accurate and fast.

Our Capabilities At A Glance

Saw Cutting

We cut all the steel we sell. Plates up to 40” of thickness and rounds up to 30 inches in diameter.

Flame Cutting

Up to 8″ in thickness with CAD capabilities.


Up to 84″ in thickness.


Duplex Milling up to 39″ wide by 39" long.

Pre-Squared Finishing
  • Diamond-Cut 6-Side Pre-Squared Blocks: All surfaces finished .015 to .020 over the dimensions on the bill of materials
  • Standard 6-Side Pre-Squared Blocks: Edges and ends squared to .015 to .020 over the dimensions on the bill of materials
  • Thickness will be standard plate tolerances of .015 to .035 oversize
  • Non-standard thickness can be machined at the customer’s request
  • Special Pre-Squared Blocks: Blocks will be pre-squared to customer’s required tolerances

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